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At the last minute

Julian Santos, a fresh college graduate moves into an apartment complex in a busy city far from home in attempt to become more independent and successful. Unfortunately, his new (Foreign) (Gay) roommate Peter Banna and friendly(?) (Homosexual) neighbors only seem to make things more difficult than they originally were before leaving his parents' home. Coping with a teeny tiny crush and an ever-growing questionable sexuality, how will Julian deal with his problems? ....And more importantly, Peter?


» Whoopsies!

"It's been over two weeks, nanchies! where is our update? ヽ(●゚´Д`゚●)ノ゚"

I did say I'd be announcing further delays, but I wasn't able to fulfill my promise, huh? OTL Well, in the first skipped week, A had her midterms. The week after that was the start of my classes.

"But what of the updates? It seems like there's bad news..."

Yeah....about that, we might have to ditch the update schedule we originally set. Rest assured, though, we'll do our best to update weekly! (´ε`*) we've hit 200+ fans while we were out and obviously that's a lot.

"200?! Wow, that really is a lot! Got anything planned for the 250th?"

A and I have actually started discussing something about this since we hit 100 fans! We still don't really know what to do exactly, and what goal to aim for, but we'll try to do something....Any suggestions?

» Hey everyone!

Just letting you all know we also have a Tumblr for the webcomic <3


We'll be putting a little more than just the comic there, too. So if you've got an account, follow us if you wanna! (*���)/

Thanks for your time~

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